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New in the Glossary

  • Google Authorship

    Google Authorship is the solution Google uses to create a verified connection between a person’s Google+ profile and their content online. The image from the author’s Google+ profile and their byline appears next to their post in Google search.

  • Long Tail Keyword
    long | tail | key • words

    Long tail keywords are keyword phrases made up of three or more words, making a more specific keyword. They are less competitive than shorter keywords and have less search volume so are easier to rank for. Optimising for long-tail can boost conversion.

  • Google Webmaster Tools
    goo • gle | web • mast • er | tools

    A no-charge web service from Google for webmasters to check indexing status and optimise visibility of their websites.

RT @kapopp: Loving our new video with @3seven9! http://t.co/70qaRnU93G via @crimsonhexagon