All of our services solve business problems - improving brand positioning, enhancing lead nurturing and increasing sales to ultimately improve your bottom line.

Creative Design

Increase brand awareness, growth and end-user interaction through multiple touch points with brand-centric, meaningful creative design.

We create brand identities, imagery and illustration for screen and print and produce videos, websites and interfaces for maximum usability and engagement.

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Digital Marketing

Uncertain which digital channels to use or how to get ROI from them?

We act as an extension of your team; advising on and implementing the most effective mix of digital marketing methods to raise your profile, generate new clients, nurture current customers or answer specific goals.

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Web Development

Raise your brand's profile, increase lead conversion or engage your audience through intelligent web solutions.

We take the time to understand your needs and deliver robust intelligent websites and web applications, system integrations and consultancy services that solve your business problem.

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Does your brand identity engage your target market? Drive sales and expansion with a coherent brand identity that increases customer awareness, engagement and loyalty. From a brand refresh to a full rebrand, we create the messaging, langage and visual identity to position your business to appeal to the right customers.

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Law Firm Brand Refresh

Brand identity for law firm Stone King, to demonstrate heritage and innovation.

Professional Association Rebrand

New visual identity for professional association the Charity Law Association.

Professional Network Brand Design

Brand creation for a federation of Primary Care and GPs coming together to network.

Sports Publisher Brand Creation

Brand creation for family of brands of high-profile online publisher.

IT Company Brand Refresh

A refresh of the brand for IT company Foundation IT to fully represent their values.

Global Recruitment Firm

Rebrand for global executive search firm TSI Resourcing to celebrate 25+ years of business.

Key elements


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Need a platform that strongly conveys a message to your audience? From case study videos to company or product showreels and walkthroughs, we create high-quality corporate videos that convey a sense of professionalism, engage and resonate amongst targets and aligned to a company’s marketing message.

Key elements


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Are your ideas and messages getting through to your audiences? Increase conversion from key messages with highly crafted multidiscplinary graphic design for screen and print, with full art direction and print management. We produce finely tuned creative ideas for multiple formats.

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Installation Graphic Wallpaper

An installation graphic wallpaper that unified an IT company and their subbrand.

Conference Marketing Campaign

Branding and website for flagship business event Thames Valley Technology Conference, hosted at Microsoft HQ.

Our Brand Collateral

In 2013, we revealed our new branding - with new logo, stationery and digital collateral.

Key elements


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Do you have a lack of visual storytelling in your marketing? Increase engagement and understanding of your subject matter through stylistic imagery from highly-skilled illustrators, designers and photographers, art directed and managed by the 3seven9 team.

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Video illustration for B2B tech

A video case study with high-quality illustration & animation.

Mascot Illustration for IT business

Mascot illustration for technology business, Foundation IT

Mascot illustration for publisher

Mascot illustration for Rio 2014, for publisher The Secret Footballer.com

Key elements


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Poor user journeys and user experience not getting users to where they’re supposed to? We design interfaces for maximum usability, simplicity and engagement, closing monitoring trends to ensure businesses get the most effective and innovative web design, regardless of budget.

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Conference Marketing Campaign

Branding and website for flagship business event Thames Valley Technology Conference, hosted at Microsoft HQ.

Inward Investment Portal

A website showcasing business opportunities in the Thames Valley region.

Responsive accountancy websites

A suite of leading accountancy websites for the Kingston Smith group.

Key elements


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Your online presence now has an influential and material impact on your business’ success. But it’s a constantly changing playing field that is difficult for companies to anticipate, monitor and respond to effectively using internal resources.

With Digital Market Intelligence, you can

  • Achieve digital and social market penetration quicker
  • Leverage market trends and influencers
  • Improve business intelligence on competitor activity.


Insight you can gain with Digital Market Intelligence

  • What currently trending and upcoming market topics should be considered when developing marketing initiatives
  • Where can relevant online conversations be found amongst the millions taking place
  • The reasons behind your audience’s communications in relevant business topics
  • How to engage with the conversations when they are found
  • How to keep ahead of what your competitors are doing and saying online
  • How to turn online conversations into leads
  • How to use published news and social media to maximise return on marketing

Our expert team can categorise hundreds of thousands of online conversations within hours. This process would take other marketing agencies weeks, at a considerably higher cost, and with only a partial social media monitoring audit.

What’s included in the Digital Market Intelligence service

Subject to specific client requirements, the deliverables typically include a report on multiple topics of the Client’s choice covering:

  • Market Overview (Volume of conversation and opportunity to leverage)
  • Top conversations across selected social & published media networks
  • The market sentiment around selected topics
  • Demographic analysis (other interests to your audience, gender, location)
  • How to structure your social engagement (Twitter, Blogs, forums, LinkedIn)
  • Top communities to leverage
  • Top influencer analysis and engagement recommendations
  • Top influential content on social media to replicate SEO recommendations based on the popular topics
  • Your share of voice in the market conversation

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See Digital Market Intelligence in action

B2B Digital Market Intelligence for Healthcare Law

Digital Market Intelligence report on decision-makers in NHS Trusts and CCGs, for Healthcare Law Firm, Hempsons LLP.

Digital Growth Opportunity Analysis for Law Firm

Digital Marketing Audit on growth opportunity for Pitmans LLP.

Key elements

  • Data-driven market insight
  • Precise targeting of SEO, PPC and content activity
  • Identification of most appropriate online channels
  • Tailor-made social media strategies where required


  • How to turn online conversations into leads
  • Currently trending topics for content strategy
  • The reasons behind your audience's communications
  • How to keep ahead of your competitors online
  • How to use published news and social media to maximise return on marketing

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Increasing traffic to your website or raising your profile online takes work and increasingly requires a multifaceted online strategy. Our in-house expertise in all types of digital marketing enable us to provide agile and creative campaigns designed to match your business need.

We work with you to develop integrated campaigns that create leads, build pipelines, nurture current customer relationships or promote targeted brand awareness of a website, landing page, product catalogue or content amongst your target audience.

All of our campaigns can use a combination of Content Marketing, Online Advertising (PPC), social media or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and take advantage of technical and creative services offered by 3seven9 to design and develop effective landing pages, microsites or bespoke social media applications to suit campaign needs.

Get broader digital coverage, improve your sales funnel performance or compete more strategically with your competitors with a Digital Marketing Campaign.

See Digital Marketing Campaigns in action

Integrated Marketing: Multichannel B2C campaign

A content marketing strategy that used social media, SEO and PPC to drive leads.

Integrated Marketing: Local campaign

An integrated digital marketing strategy for a niche and localised campaign.

Key elements

  • Bespoke integrated marketing strategy
  • Real-time campaign adjustments
  • Agile creative and technical teams for accelerated campaign starts
  • Measurement & social reporting


  • Broader digital coverage
  • Increase brand or product awareness online
  • Improved sales funnel performance
  • Increased engagement amongst your target audience

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All companies require effective SEO to promote their online brand presence. We work with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their business and industry to understand their business goals and how specialist strategic SEO can support them.

From keyword analysis and benchmarking, to content recommendations, copy and technical fixes, we have the skills across our marketing and technical teams to improve your organic search ranking. We create long-term strategies that maximise SEO opportunities and use best-practice techniques in response to changes in the search engine algorithms.

We have an agile approach to SEO; making it our business to stay up to date with the latest best practice techniques and tools and updates in search engine algorithms to offer fresh expertise and consultancy to all our clients.

Key elements

  • Technical code and platform audits
  • Keyword research and becnhmarking
  • On-site optimisation of metadata, copy, link structure and more
  • Off-site optimisation of backlinks and social traffic
  • Monthly reporting


  • Strategic SEO approach aligned with marketing goals
  • Flexible campaigns driven by best practice
  • Designed to coordinate with social media, PPC and social strategies

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Online advertising on search engines and social networks helps you promote your services, product, content or campaign to the right people on the right channel. We work with you to understand your marketing goals, industry and audience to create effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns.

Through strategic keyword analysis, review of competitor advertising to advert copywriting and bid strategy, we have the expertise to create and manage successful PPC campaigns. We manage, monitor and report on all activity so we can optimise your adverts in real-time and maximise ROI.

We’ll advise you on which channel will reach your audience and the type of content they respond to. Our expert creative and technical teams provide a tailored solution, including additional content or landing pages to drive conversion.


Paid Search such as Google Adwords

Reach people the moment they search for targeted keywords.

Sponsored LinkedIn Ads

Highly useful for B2B marketing, LinkedIn ads get your content seen by a highly targeted or specified audience through targeting job title, industry, company size or seniority.

Sponsored Facebook Ads

Create campaigns with specific social objectives such as increasing page likes, page post engagement, event responses, competitions or website traffic. Target a wider audience through the reach of your fan networks.

See Online Advertising (PPC) in action

Social Marketing: PPC Campaign

A highly targeted online advertising campaign for the Bracknell Forest Council.

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

Facebook lead generation for a housing association.

Key elements

  • Landing page creation to complement an integrated campaign
  • Wide variety of targeting options
  • Highly targeted ads to reach your audience
  • Dynamic budget allocation
  • Integrated with SEO, social and content marketing campaigns
  • Greater impact/wider reach/maximised budget campaigns available


  • Maximise quality traffic through targeted ad campaign
  • Enhance conversion rate
  • Increase product/service/brand awareness
  • Guarantee traffic to promotion

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Content that stands out is essential in the crowded digital space and the pressure to constantly create can be a burden on your marketing team. We write, design and produce content for your audience(s), integrating it seamlessly into your existing campaigns or creating bespoke campaigns centred on new content.

We will carry out a content audit to identify gaps in your collateral and recommend how to re-purpose existing content or opportunities for new content.

We offer our Digital Market Intelligence service as an added layer to our service, performing digital market research to discover the type of content that your audience responds to and the best online locations to distribute the content.

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Content Marketing: Professional Services

Sales collateral content generated in line with the buying cycle

Video illustration for B2B tech

A video case study with high-quality illustration & animation.

Key elements

  • Content strategy and implementation
  • Content creation and alignment to customer life cycle
  • Range of media available
  • Consistency of messaging and design
  • Copywriting and design services in one
  • Content delivery in line with existing programs or automated marketing software


  • Increase engagement
  • Develop position of thought leadership in target industry
  • High-quality at reasonable cost
  • Targeting & measurement on success

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Having an active social media presence enables you to connect to your audience on the channels they’re using to build brand awareness, thought leadership and respond to any queries or opportunities.

Our specialists will work with your business to produce a social media strategy that will align with your business goals and engage your target audience(s). We monitor everything we do to guarantee you can see ROI from your social media investment.

Utilising Digital Market Intelligence insight, we can advise and run social media profiles, groups and campaigns for businesses on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and more, implement social media advertising including promoted tweets, sponsored LinkedIn adverts and Facebook adverts and plan and implement integrated social marketing campaigns.

See Social Media Marketing in action

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

Facebook lead generation for a housing association.

Social marketing: Technology company

B2C campaign for global technology certification organisation, CompTIA.

Key elements

  • Strategic social marketing aligned to business goals
  • Social engagement support retainer(s)
  • Defined KPIs and metrics
  • Measurement & social reporting


  • Increase brand awareness
  • Develop thought leadership
  • Identify and nurture sales opportunities
  • Make your marketing campaigns more effective

Modern businesses have many IT systems that are responsible for different tasks and processes within a specific part of the business. Connecting, integrating and synchronising these systems together allows information to be shared across all functions of a business, increasing operating efficiency, improving output and reducing the time and resources required for offline processes.

Our expert team can do this through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and System Integrations that allow different systems to communicate, share data and extend functionality of individual systems.

We have the expert knowledge of mainstream APIs and popular online web applications to be able to understand and advise on your internal IT systems and workflows. We provide development roadmaps that anticipate and recognise future upgrades to API specifications and can develop new and innovative ways to get your systems to talk to each other.

See APIs & System Integrations in action

Responsive accountancy websites

A suite of leading accountancy websites for the Kingston Smith group.

Key elements

  • Consultancy to advise on existing workflows
  • Expert knowledge of mainstream APIs
  • Specialist understanding of popular online web applications
  • Bespoke development for your business requirements


  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Improve output
  • Reduce time and resources required for offline processes

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Whilst off-the-shelf web solutions frequently mean companies have to compromise on their needs or take on multiple systems to fulfil requirements. We can work with you to assess what your business needs and design, develop and test a web application designed to suit you.

Our team have over 30 years+ combined experience using industry-standard tools and programming languages to develop applications. Our technology stack includes HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, PHP Symfony 2, WordPress, MySQL, Apache and Linux.

Our experience allows us to future-proof all of our web applications with only the most robust and stable web technologies. Our agile PRINCE3 and scrum project methodology allows clients to come along for the journey, contributing ideas to the project in real-time and giving visibility of the product as it evolves rather than having to wait until the very end.

See Bespoke Web Applications in action

Interactive sales tool

An up-to-date interactive map of Telstra's infrastructure and network services.

Key elements

  • Business applications that solve issues
  • Rich, interactive digital experiences
  • Robust and stable web technologies
  • Testing and security checks


  • Gain competitive advantage over your competitors
  • Enhance customer engagement and understanding
  • Reduce your costs, replacing multiple platforms with one innovative application
  • Unify your web presence

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Content Management Systems give you control over your own website content, with no requirement for technical knowledge to be able to regularly update and change your website. We deliver successful CMSs using open source technologies providing our clients the most up-to-date, secure and feature-rich web technologies.

If you’re looking for a new website or redesign of an existing one, a Content Management System (CMS) is a way for you to easily publish, edit, modify, organise or delete content, via a central administration panel, without the need for specialist web development skills. CMSs are usually used to power websites with frequently changing content, such as all websites with a blog.

See Content Management Systems in action

Inward Investment Portal

A website showcasing business opportunities in the Thames Valley region.

Responsive accountancy websites

A suite of leading accountancy websites for the Kingston Smith group.

Key elements

  • Control over website content
  • Easy editing and updates
  • Secure content
  • Design flexibility
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use administration
  • Centralised and shared content
  • Targeted to key demographics


  • Improve productivity with easy editing of web content
  • Save costs, with complex functionality built in
  • Drive traffic from search engines with an SEO-optimised CMS
  • Monitor and track user interaction through traffic and performance metrics

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With 30 years combined experience delivering robust, off-the-shelf website platforms to businesses of various sizes, we can work alongside your team to translate your business and marketing requirements into a up-to-date, stable, innovative website.

We build

Campaign Microsites

Content Management Systems

Intranets & Extranets

Mobile Websites

We offer responsive design, so websites are built to suit every device, ensure lead gen, social media and other marketing facilities are built in and that the sites are optimised for SEO.

We can also integrate your website with external systems, such as Document Management Systems (DMS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

See Websites in action

Responsive accountancy websites

A suite of leading accountancy websites for the Kingston Smith group.

Responsive recruitment website

Responsive website to celebrate 25+ years of business.

Key elements

  • Responsive design for every device
  • Manage content and messaging
  • Lead gen and nurturing capabilities
  • Custom interaction with social outposts
  • External systems integration (Document Management Systems (DMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Increase lead conversion from your visitors' interest
  • Drive site performance with intelligent design
  • Align your website to your sales cycle
  • Ensure customers can engage with your site on all devices
  • Integrate your website with your social media presence
  • Nurture your visitors through user journeys that will bring results

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We can provide the following services on an unlimited number of domains:

Software / Security Updates & Technical Support Includes diagnosis and correction of software or web application defects, recommendations for software modifications to improve the user experience, security and functionality

Content Management We can support you adding, amending or updating content or artwork on your site, acting as an extension of your team

Capacity & Performance Configuration If you are likely to have increased demand of use of your platform, both externally or internally, we can re-configure or optimise your software to match your need.

Domain Management We can make changes to your Domain Name Server (DNS) settings, to live or development domains and liaise with your IT department to make required design or development updates.

Version Control We can provide full version control to record any changes that we make and host these on a secure third-party version control system. If you need to return to a previous change, the software can be rolled back upon request.

See Support & Maintenance in action

Responsive recruitment website

Responsive website to celebrate 25+ years of business.

Key elements

  • Dedicated Account / Project Manager
  • Allocated monthly time
  • Priority scheduling
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • Version control system


  • Guaranteed fast and detailed response
  • Secure access to specialists for all technical questions
  • Improve user experience in real-time with capacity to make updates when you need them
  • Remove security vulnerabilities
  • Enhance functional operation quicker

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Our flexible hosting services offer:

Shared-or-Dedicated Web Server We setup, configure and manage a shared or dedicated web server, depending on your requirements.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates For maximum security, we set up, configure and manage SSL Certificates on our client’s behalf.

Hardware Firewall We provide an enhanced level of security by installing a hardware firewall, as a primary and vital component of security.

See Web Hosting in action

Website: Cloud-based tech firm

Branding and website for cloud-based tech firm to simplify adoption of cloud services.

Key elements

  • Shared or Dedicated Web Server
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates
  • Advanced Hardware Firewall
  • Pro-active Web Technology Management
  • Daily or Weekly Backups & Restore Service
  • 24/7 Performance Monitoring
  • Support & Server Maintenance


  • Gain better coverage and protection for your websites
  • Keep the web server that your website relies on up-to-date
  • Get safe storage and reliable access with regular backups

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