You’ve all heard it before: “Twitter is an excellent platform for businesses to connect with their audiences.” But what good is this if your tweets aren’t getting seen? With 555 million Twitter users and 58 million tweets on average per day, it’s easy for your tweets to get lost.

For nearly three years, the incredibly popular social media scheduling tool Buffer has been trying to counter this with its tweet optimisation services – i.e. saving and publishing your tweets at times where they’re likely to receive the most engagement –later rolling this out to other social channels.

But last week, they stepped up their game. They teamed up with Moz (formerly SEOMoz) and its well used Twitter analytics tool Followerwonk, which analyses the best time to post content from individual accounts. An exciting integration.

Thanks to this, Buffer will now be able to auto-schedule posts for users at the ideal time for each specific account based on an initial analysis of a user’s follower Twitter activity. All users need to do is select how many times they want to tweet per day and click “Schedule at Buffer”.

This is huge because it means any new articles or posts will automatically be scheduled during personalised optimal times – not just generic times for Twitter users in your region. Plus it goes deeper than that as you can get the best time for you, your followers and even your follower’s followers.

Buffer autoschedule analysis

Leo Widrich, Buffer founder and CEO, claims that retweets and clickthroughs on links doubled when they ran a million sample tweets through the new technology. Pretty impressive.

It can also be done in reverse. If you want to tweet at times the people you follow are online (to improve the chances they’ll follow you back or engage with you) that can be analysed too. Similarly, you can also explore the optimal times when followers of someone influential are most active online if you want to optimise your tweets this way.

Connect with your audience at the right time

What we’re interested in is how this integration spells out how powerful it can be to connect with your customers at the right time. It provides you with a greater chance of speaking to your audience at a time that is convenient for them as well as giving you a much more beneficial opportunity to engage with your customers effectively during the buying cycle.

Currently this is only available for Twitter, but we’re looking forward to what this means for the future of scheduling for other social channels and how technologies are being used to map out the behaviour of customers to benefit both business and user.