Social Payment Integration

With Google, Twitter and Facebook integrating payments into their respective websites and apps, the steps-to-purchase could simplify dramatically for the consumer.

There is also exciting possibilities for retailers, integrating tracked advertising potential with even simpler ecommerce. Imagine you have spoken about wanting to get a smartwatch. A retailer can track your mention, use Twitter Ads to target you to promote an ad on your Twitter feed, offering you 10% off when you buy a smartwatch by clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button next to the tweet.

Pinterest will also thrive and grow even more through this with automation. The value of wishlists and ideaboards increases with the ease of impulse purchasing.

Coworker Connections and Internal Comms

facebook-workA new Yammer-rival from Facebook,  Facebook at Work may arrive, integrating your personal and professional social networks like never before. LinkedIn is extending their Inmail to allow you to message co-workers, even if they aren’t a connection.

Facebook may have the upper hand is with their familiar user experience to more than 1bn users world-wide, compared to LinkedIn’s 300m+, but LinkedIn, as the leading ‘professional network’ in the UK and US have done very well introducing new features and retaining access to users’ professional lives.

At the end of 2014, I wrote an A-Z of what happened in Digital Marketing that year. A lot happened in 2014 and I anticipate even more will happen in 2015 – the above, and more….

What do you predict for social media? How has that affected your digital marketing plans for 2015? 

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