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Powering the Thames Valley Tech Conference

Find out about the insights shared and discussions created during the Thames Valley Technology Conference 2014, and how 3seven9 helped power the event.

Important Security Notice – Heartbleed Bug

Find out about the security vulnerability at the heart of the Internet and how it may affect your business.

The Glossary

  • Google Authorship

    Google Authorship is the solution Google uses to create a verified connection between a person’s Google+ profile and their content online. The image from the author’s Google+ profile and their byline appears next to their post in Google search.

  • Long Tail Keyword
    long | tail | key • words

    Long tail keywords are keyword phrases made up of three or more words, making a more specific keyword. They are less competitive than shorter keywords and have less search volume so are easier to rank for. Optimising for long-tail can boost conversion.

  • Google Webmaster Tools
    goo • gle | web • mast • er | tools

    A no-charge web service from Google for webmasters to check indexing status and optimise visibility of their websites.


  1. Digital Marketing Intern (Paid)

    We are looking for a talented graduate for a 1-3 month internship in the Digital Marketing team.

  2. Digital Marketing Services Manager

    We're looking for a Digital Marketing specialist to lead our Digital Marketing services team.

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